Senior Academic Manager/Product Manager


  1. According to domestic and foreign market information and customer needs, formulate product strategies and sales strategies
  2. Responsible for sales strategy, product strategy exploration and promotion
  3. Using domestic and foreign resources, responsible for transforming the brand strategy and sales strategy into an executable sales plan, ensuring effective implementation, and assisting in achieving sales goals
  4. Responsible for organizing and holding academic conferences


  1. Bachelor degree or above, majors in medicine, pharmacy, etc., qualifications from foreign companies are preferred
  2. Have 3 years or more working experience as an academic manager/product manager in the field of medical devices/pharmaceuticals
  3. Have a strong professionalism; have good communication, organization and coordination skills; have a good teamwork spirit; have a good problem-solving ability; strong ability to withstand pressure
  4. Strong business acumen and strong development ability
  5. English can be used as a working language