CSBM2023 | Dr. Leonard Pinchuk, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Xi’an Eyedeal Medical, gave a plenary Lecture on the topic of biomaterials at the Chinese Biomaterials Congress

On October 12 to 15, the 2023 Chinese Biomaterials Congress (CSBM2023) was held in Chongqing, China. Dr. Leonard Pinchuk, a member of the American National Academy of Engineering and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Xi’an Eyedeal Medical, was invited to attend the conference and gave a plenary lecture. Researchers, experts, and scholars from distinguished research institutes, universities, and medical institutes attended the conference and participated in the session.

Dr. Pinchuk’s presentation was titled “SIBS Product Journey: From Coronary Stents to Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery”. He pointed out that “SIBS”, a poly(styrene-isobutylene-styrene) triblock polymer, is an ideal biomedical material with excellent antioxidant properties, biostability, and biocompatibility that is not oxidized or hydrolyzed in the human body. He shared the development history of SIBS, its material properties, its application in medical devices, and its excellent clinical performance based on his over 30 years of successful practice. SIBS has shown extremely exciting clinical results from its use in cardiovascular drug-eluting stent coatings and minimally invasive glaucoma drainage tubes. Its premium biocompatibility and biostability make it an excellent candidate for practical use in more medical devices and tremendous growth in economic value.

SIBS glaucoma drainage tube

Cross-linked polyolefin (xPIB) IOL

Under the guidance of Dr. Pinchuk and experts from all over the world, Eyedeal (Xi’an, China) has built several polyisobutylene-based biomaterials platforms, including “SIBS” and “xPIB” (cross-linked polyisobutylene). Clinical trials for the new generation xPIB IOL have been initiated in China. Eyedeal has simultaneously established a globalized innovation team bringing together experts in materials, optics, mechanics, bio-engineering, clinical medicine, and other fields. Relying on global resources, Eyedeal will continue to ingrain itself within the field of biomedical materials, expand the application scenarios of its material platforms, and develop towards innovation, large-scale industrialization and internationalization. Eyedeal is dedicated to making great contributions to the development of the global biomedical industry and human health.