Pantheon Vision CEO John Sheets Visits Xi’an Eyedeal Medical Technology Inc. Ltd, Forging Multi-Strategic Alliances

Former FDA CDRH Director of Device Evaluation and Pantheon Vision President/CEO, Dr. John Sheets, recently visited Xi’an Eyedeal Medical Technology Inc.Ltd, in China. Pantheon Vision is an America-based ophthalmic tech company and shares common interests with Xian Eyedeal in broad areas such as bio-materials, product development, technological innovation, and business collaboration. Dr. Sheets’ visit has culminated in the formation of several strategic alliances of the two companies.

During his visit, Dr. Sheets toured Eyedeal’s state-of-the-art R&D center and cutting-edge production facilities, held extensive talks with the company’s technical and management leadership team. Both sides concurred that by leveraging their respective strengths, the synergistic benefits could be achieved and collaboration across several critical domain could be fostered. It will ultimately propel the advancement of ophthalmic medical technology.

Dr. John Sheets, who holds a PhD in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Florida, has an impressive track record with executive R&D and global management roles at industry giants such as Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Hoya, Bausch & Lomb, and Boston Scientific, etc. Dr. Sheets sees great opportunities in areas of R&D, manufacturing, and commercial alliances for two companies to collaborate, and look forward to the mutual benefit that will be achieved through the collaboration.

Guangxu Guo, Chairman and CEO of Xi’an Eyedeal, believes that this establishment of strategic alliances between two companies will effectively promote international collaboration and strength global competitive capability for both companies in the ophthalmic medical market. It will surely pave the way for more advanced and better eye care solutions for patients worldwide.