Senior talents in quality management positions


  1. Responsible for the overall management of the effective operation of the company’s quality system
  2. Assist the president/manager representative to supervise and implement the company’s daily quality management system activities
  3. Responsible for the management of compliance verification in the company’s quality system
  4. Responsible for the decision-making and management of major corrective, preventive and improvement measures of the company
  5. Responsible for the company’s decision-making and management of product quality accidents and quality-related complaints
  6. Responsible for team building and talent training of the company’s quality department


  1. Bachelor degree or above in 985/211 colleges and universities
  2. Majors in biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering, etc.
  3. Five years or more of experience in quality management of three types of sterile implanted high-risk medical device products (such as cardiac stents/pacemakers/vascular stents/orthopedic implanted products, etc.)
  4. Familiar with ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system standards and professional knowledge
  5. Have rich experience in quality management and strong ability to solve problems; can independently plan and guide the operation of enterprise quality management, and obtain performance
  6. Have CE/FDA/NMPA related experience
  7. Those with relevant work experience in the Beishangguang area/Yangtze River Delta area are preferred