Research Institute/Researcher


  1. Carry out market research, feasibility study, front-end design and development plan for innovative projects or products, and integrate project plans according to the domestic and international environment and industry trends
  2. Research and apply new technologies and new materials, participate in the implementation of key R&D plans and innovative projects, establish intellectual property achievements and promote the transformation of academic achievements
  3. Coordinate and organize the resources of all parties to ensure the realization and delivery of innovative projects
  4. Play a key role in the project, cooperate efficiently with team members, and effectively promote cross-departmental cooperation


  1. Doctorate degree in mechanical, optical, chemical, biological, polymer materials and other related majors
  2. High sensitivity to industry data and industry dynamic changes, and pay attention to cutting-edge technologies
  3. Have a strong professional technical background, strong execution ability, and strong product understanding
  4. Have strong teamwork and communication skills, learning ability and strong adaptability
  5. Strong writing skills in both Chinese and English
  6. Possessing invention patents, overseas education and working background are preferred