R & D Engineer


  1. Pay attention to the research and development trends and trends of the medical device industry, collect, organize and analyze project-related literature, and research new technologies and methods
  2. Carry out design and development around the whole process of product life cycle, and finally realize the transformation from research and development to production
  3. Creatively solve the technical problems in the process of product realization, and apply core technologies to enhance the competitiveness of products
  4. Continuously optimize and improve the product pipeline to improve customer satisfaction


  1. Master’s degree or above, major in bioengineering, chemistry, polymer materials, machinery, optics, etc.
  2. Have good Chinese and English literature and patent writing skills
  3. Have the ability to work independently and solve problems, be good at communication and cooperation, be good at summarizing and sharing, and be good at researching and tackling difficulties
    Bonus items: R&D innovation and patent achievements