Eyedeal’s Shaanxi Province post-doctoral innovation base approved

The Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shaanxi Province has confirmed approval for Xi’an Eyedeal Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a post-doctoral innovation base in Shaanxi Province.

This affirms the strength of Eyedeal’s scientific research and innovation platform. The innovation base enables Eyedeal to strengthen its high-level talent training, deepen its research cooperation between industry and academia, and enhance its scientific research and innovation capabilities.
Eyedeal expects the move to stimulate independent innovation, improve the quality of scientific research, and contribute to Shaanxi’s scientific and technological innovation, and economic and social development.
The Shaanxi Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Base is a special regional organization. The cooperation between enterprise and public institutions is approved by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security to engage postdoctoral personnel for research and trials. It also facilitates corporate recruitment of talented professionals who can provide training and develop scientific and technological innovations.